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Neptune Online

Writers' Room

Neptune Online Writers' Room
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Please post your submissions for neptune_online here.

The editors are looking for essays, reviews, personal rants, etc. written in the voice of a VM character (should be a resident of Neptune unless you can give a reason for an outsider contributing to a town blog). We are desperately seeking pieces written by Veronica since she is the most identifiable to non-fans, which is who we are trying to appeal to with this blog...

Your submissions should be about pop culture and current events or other "real world" topics that you wouldn't have to watch VM to get (celebrity gossip column is a good example of this). We want Neptune Online to be something non-fans read, but by throwing in character, location and plot references here and there, it will have a distincly Neptune flavor. The idea is to hook a new viewer. 'Hey, that's pretty funny/shocking/original/well-written stuff. I should check out that show tonight!'

Right now community membership is open. Please add neptune_online and vm_blog to your friends list before joining. Everyone is welcome, we just want to make sure people do these two things before we add them to the staff list. All members are encouraged to contribute. If you think you have a good idea, write it, and submit it to the editors (and your fellow writers) by posting it here. Please understand that we may not use every entry and we reserve the right to edit your submission before posting it in neptune_online.

Don't want to write yet, but you have a great idea for an article? Post an entry about it. Maybe one of the writers will run with it.